• wisconsin snapshots


    Three weeks ago, I went to Wisconsin for to eat some cheese, drink some beer, and spend time with some of my best friends (it was my five year college reunion and as good as an…


    urban sip

    Urban Sip is more than just a hotel bar; it’s a social gathering spot for Charlotte locals. Located in the Ritz Carlton smack dab in the middle…



    Dish is a Charlotte institution. Perched at its post in Plaza Midwood since 2002 (in and old Chinese restaurant and laundry as a matter of fact), Dish serves…

    snapshots may


    Happy May! I’m sharing a bright, sunny set of Spring photos today. Let’s review what’s been going on lately, shall we?   1. Knights baseball is…



    I’ve found the best enchiladas in Charlotte and I want to shout it from the rooftops!!! Who would have thought they would be at a Mexican…


    pint central

    I love Charlotte and all of its ever changing, constantly growing neighborhoods. If you read this spot enough, you know I live in Plaza Midwood and…

    snapshots charleston


      I seriously need a vacation from my vacation. I was in Charleston last weekend for the Cooper River Bridge Run and I had the best…

    snapshots 2


    This week, I wished almost every day that we had mandatory nap time at work. I’m tired, which is my own damn fault because I’m too…


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