• IMG_2168


    I’ve found the best enchiladas in Charlotte and I want to shout it from the rooftops!!! Who would have thought they would be at a Mexican restaurant attached to a Days Inn…

  • IMG_2408

    pint central

    I love Charlotte and all of its ever changing, constantly growing neighborhoods. If you read this spot enough, you know I live in Plaza Midwood and I’m a huge fan of the…

    snapshots charleston


      I seriously need a vacation from my vacation. I was in Charleston last weekend for the Cooper River Bridge Run and I had the best…

    snapshots 2


    This week, I wished almost every day that we had mandatory nap time at work. I’m tired, which is my own damn fault because I’m too…

    PicMonkey Collage 4


    I’m baaaaack. Did you miss me? Things have been quiet around here the last month or so, and I really have no excuse. Except that I…


    mimosa grill

    I know there’s a big debate over restaurant week–some people love it, others hate it, probably a lot of people are indifferent (so maybe it’s not…


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